Cloud Transformation

How Atechnica can help you transition to the Cloud?


Before taking the leap into cloud computing, it’s important you avoid becoming one of those companies that embraced the cloud without planning.

Firstly, Atechnica build a  clear plan that helps you focus on what areas of the cloud will improve your business objective and productivity.

Then, Atechnica create an implementation roadmap that will help you build a general timeframe of cloud implementation, and know what resources and employee training you the customer will need.

We also ensure you keep what works for your company, especially when on-premise solutions are doing their job in some cases. Many companies start with a mix of on-premise and cloud solutions, and then on-board further cloud services as they realize the productivity and security benefits the cloud offers.

During the transformation process our professionals will outline and take into consideration what works for you, presenting a model to enable you business to embrace Cloud Technologies going forwards.


Our Cloud Transformation Methodology

1 - Assessment - Where are we now?


Enables Atechnica to Discover your existing infrastructure and provide the current IT infrastructure baseline.

2 - Analyse - Where are we going?


The analysis phase enables us to collect and process the data from the assessment, where we then plan a path forward to suite your business  - 

3 - Delivery


Based on the outcome of the Assessment and Analyse phases our Professionals deliver a tailored solution to meet you business needs and goals.

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