Hosted Backups

Atechnica Cloud Backup Solutions


If you store valuable business data on a server, PC, networked device or one any other system then you must ensure that the data is backed up... or risk losing it forever.

Traditional backups secure data to tapes, disks or cartridges which are changed each day so they can be taken offsite.  Most businesses elect someone to do this task, however it is regarded as a nuisance so it's intermittently missed, especially during busy times.

Even when media is changed it's rarely taken offsite or stored securely and very few people monitor the whole process.  There is an assumption that you can always perform a recovery.

Selecting a cloud backup solution requires careful consideration and it should not be based purely on cost. 

You should consider what you want from your solution .... just the ability to backup and restore files/folders or do you want to protect your business by including systems disaster recovery and business continuity. 


Before you answer this we highly advise that you consider the financial and commercial cost of server downtime to the business, including transparent costs such as lost custom as you cannot quote, access information or provide adequate customer service.

Onsite & Cloud Backup

  • Unattended backups to a network attached backup device
  • All changes are synchronised to the cloud storage
  • Restore from backups taken 12 months ago

Disaster Recovery

  • Rapid recovery failed servers in the event of a disaster 

Business Continuity

  • Server(s) down or dead?  No problem, you can still work
  • Logon to synchronised Virtual Cloud Servers
  • Access your files and server applications